Minnesota Foreign Trade Zones – An Investment for Future Savings

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) are commerce sites (industrial sites, buildings) set up in or near U.S. Customs ports of entry where merchandise is considered legally outside U.S. Customs territory. FTZs are a fiscal tool which can reduce duty payments, streamline supply chain costs and improve a company's competitive position in domestic and foreign markets.

Upcoming Meetings

October 5, 2016

Foreign Trade Zone board meeting details:

  • Location - Metropolitan Airports Commission office at 6040 S. 28th Avenue
  • Meeting time - 10:00 am.


Your customs broker can now.provide your company with unique FTZ options and services to compete globally while doing business locally. Start improving your bottom line today.

Minnesota Foreign Trade Zones provide customs brokers new business services to expand their expertise and involvement in their clients’ import/export business for mutual, bottom-line benefit.

Companies can benefit from the many advantages Minnesota Foreign Trade Zones offer over the other customs programs. Your company can save money and simplify management of inventory, just to name a few.

email us: info@mnftz.com

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